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Weeks 4 & 5, the end!

Well people, here we are! Time to breathe a sigh of relief that I no longer have to take a photo of myself every single day 🙂 It turns out this was the most difficult part of the challenge for me, sometimes you just don’t feel like having your photo taken (even if you’re the one taking it, ha).

Now that the challenge is over, I’m hoping to keep dressing as if I’m going to leave the house, rather than falling back into my old trackydak ways. I was reading Moorea from‘s post on Leigh-Ann’s blog, ‘3 Best Ways to Be Productive When You’re Self Employed‘ and her first tip is, ‘get ready every morning as if you were leaving the house’. I know some people work well in their pajamas, but I’m not one of them!

I really enjoyed coming up with some new outfit combos and realising that I do have plenty of clothes and to appreciate them! I like to think I’m careful about acquiring new things, but I so easily fall into the trap of seeing things I want and forgetting what I already have that fits the need. I really want to aim for a small wardrobe with things I truly love and feel great in, hopefully many of them made by me.

The MMM community was so inspiring and supportive and I highly recommend the challenge if you’ve ever thought about it but haven’t taken the plunge!


Me-Made-May, Week 1!

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Well folks I’ve survived a week of MMM! Not helped by the fact I came down with something awful straight away. It’s a lot harder to put effort into how you look when you feel like spewing, you know? I’ve still really enjoyed participating, so I’m sure once I feel better I’ll enjoy that process more.

What have I learned so far? Umm, I am rubbish at taking compliments. I knew this already, this is just a different form of it! People are so lovely and encouraging in the Flickr group, and I feel the urge to correct them with everything wrong about my garments and appearance! I’m sure I’m not alone in this, it’s a combination of naturally being hard on myself and that wonderful ingrained social expectation to put yourself down so you don’t seem ‘up yerself’.

I have found so many new blogs and things I want to make from looking at everyone’s creations! Onwards to week 2…

McCall’s 5052

I have been wanting a short sleeved gingham shirt for ages, so I finally got my act together and made one! It’s McCall’s 5052, which appears to be out of print now. There are so many similiar patterns out there, but I chose this one based on the good reviews at PatternReview. I was originally going to draft it myself since it’s such a basic shape, but I didn’t seem to be getting around to it! I can’t wear good intentions now can I, hmmm?

Sorry about the squinty face, I’m a bit of a squinter in outdoor photos I’m afraid. I’m pretty happy with the pattern, it’s exactly what I wanted- not too fitted or too boxy. Instructions were fine, I mostly followed them except I used fusible bias interfacing tape on the neckline instead of staystitch (I hate staystitch, sorry staystitch) and drafted a back neck facing to avoid the slipstitching it asks for at the inside collar and facing. I did mock flat felled seams at the side seams and shoulders for strength and because I think it looks nice on shirts.

I wear it with the sleeves folded up, I just found the length hit me at an unflattering place on my arm otherwise in my opinion. Actually I knew it would to start with and quite like rolled sleeves anyway!

I have to sneak in this last photo, we had someone else who wanted their outfit documented:

He is one of our neighbour’s cats, dubbed ‘black & white guy’ as we don’t know his name. He looks docile here but one wrong move during a tummy rub and he’ll hook you with a razor sharp claw!! Just be glad we can’t have pets in our rental or you’d be exposed to a lot more feline documentation 😉

Pattern: McCall’s 5052, view B

Fabric: Cotton gingham from Spotlight, not the greatest quality but it was cheap so I got what I paid for.