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Weeks 2 and 3…

….. ummm so the plan was to do a weekly wrap-up, obviously something went awry! I am pleased I have kept up with the challenge though, even if this month has been a bit screwy. I’m going off some medication and the process isn’t being too kind to my general wellbeing, and my brain not work good! It’s nice to be ‘achieving’ something little every day.

So some thoughts after weeks 2 and 3? Good gravy I have more clothes, both me-made and otherwise, than I realised. Especially since I’ve made most of my Autumn sewing plan, yaaaaaay. This challenge has been great to see how under utilised my wardrobe is! Some things I think I just don’t gravitate towards because they don’t feel very ‘me’. I need to look at donating some of those, I don’t really like having a big wardrobe (and I don’t have a big house) and if I want to keep making clothes it’s going to get unmanageable!

I need to get some decent photos of my finished Autumn sewing plan garments for blog posts, I was hoping to take them on days I wore them but I under-estimated how tired of taking photos of myself I would get, haha. I hope I’m getting more comfortable with the camera, at least!