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Colette Beignet

Yup, another Colette pattern!

I have had this mystery stretch linen for years, I was going to make a dress out of it but then the Beignet came along! I do like stretch in a high-waisted skirt, you can feel dressy while being comfy, what a great eating-out combo. Yes I totally dress with eating in mind, who doesn’t?

As for the pattern itself, all pretty straightforward, I didn’t line it as I wanted to be able to wear it in warm weather (I also didn’t want to try to find a lining with stretch!) so I just have the facings. I think the lining is well drafted though. I didn’t follow the instructions for the belt loops exactly, doing each little rectangle would have driven me crazy so I sewed a 27 x 2.6cm strip instead, turned it and chopped it up afterwards.

I cut an 8 according to my measurements, but ended up taking it in to a 6. No other adjustments, although I notice in the back photo I have a lot of wrinkling in my lower back. This isn’t noticeable with my usual slumped over posture though, haha.

I was originally going to try to find some matching buttons, but then I saw Tilly’s blue beignet with awesome yellow buttons and I had to copy. Mine are yellow wood. I wish I had copied her contrast lining pockets too! Anyway, very happy with my skirt and I have worn it heaps since making it, it goes with so many things.

Pattern: Colette Patterns Beignet

Fabric: Stretch linen from Spotlight, I think originally purchased on clearance to make nativity costumes, I relieved Mum of the leftovers!