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Me-Made-May, Week 1!

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Well folks I’ve survived a week of MMM! Not helped by the fact I came down with something awful straight away. It’s a lot harder to put effort into how you look when you feel like spewing, you know? I’ve still really enjoyed participating, so I’m sure once I feel better I’ll enjoy that process more.

What have I learned so far? Umm, I am rubbish at taking compliments. I knew this already, this is just a different form of it! People are so lovely and encouraging in the Flickr group, and I feel the urge to correct them with everything wrong about my garments and appearance! I’m sure I’m not alone in this, it’s a combination of naturally being hard on myself and that wonderful ingrained social expectation to put yourself down so you don’t seem ‘up yerself’.

I have found so many new blogs and things I want to make from looking at everyone’s creations! Onwards to week 2…


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  1. Week 1 was fun, wasn’t it? I got sick that week too, and was tired and depressed. I just skipped those days, but you kept on! Wow. I love looking for patterns in my choices, and learning from the other participants. Compliments? No problem 🙂

    • Oh yes, I hear you on being depressed that week too. It’s funny, I actually think having a ‘task’ to do each day and photograph it was helpful for that, otherwise I might not have left the couch/bed! Hopefully this experience will improve my compliment acceptance 🙂


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